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Learning Radio is yet another attempt to integrate and leverage the EdTech and EduSoMedia in education. With the EklavyaParv - Life Long Learning Mission we are adding one more dream to be dreamed by all! This Podcast is part of the EkalvyaParv Mission of establishing EduPodcasts (Educational Podcasts) as Learning Resources where Teachers and Students Collaborate to Make the Best Happen! Parveen Kumar Sharma is an educator who has been teaching to Learn. The Students are the strong pillars who make these things happen and bring to the world - NEW Learning and New Ways to bridge the gap between What We should DO WITH TECH and what we end up doing! We have also been training Teachers across India in the Skills to make EduPodcasts. Parveen has taken workshops with thousands of teachers, just in the COVID months, made them aware of the potential of Audio and Podcasts. He has also launched one of the unique things in learning - PodMOOCs - Podcasts that are MOOCs. http://eklavyaparv.com/

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Thursday Jan 23, 2020

This podcast reads a few segments of the resolution moved by the Prime Minister-elect Jawahar Lal Nehru to the Constituent Assembly of India. When you read this, you get to know what the Tri-colour actually means and what it is that makes this land great- the precision of our understanding and message to the generations. This recording was done live and there are a few fumbles as well. Teacher Read and Recorded at the same time. Students Learnt at the same moment.  

Wednesday Nov 13, 2019

Listening remains the primary skill and art to master Communication Skills. This is a live recording of the lecture delivered to Pharmacy students as their first-year syllabus of Communication Skills topic.

Tuesday Apr 09, 2019

A Friend in Need, a short story by Somerset Maugham is being taken from the TheatreForty, youtube channel (Classic W. Somerset Maugham story about men's inconsistent natures brought to life by Daniel Leslie) This is a cool and unemotional study of an unscrupulous man. As it often happens in Maugham's stories, the story takes an ironic turn and the true character of the man is revealed. We acknowledge TheatreForty's Youtube Channel!

Monday Apr 08, 2019

Miracle by Kartar Singh Duggal (Narrated by Harleen Waraich) The story is about the establishment of Faith in the Guru and His Being ONE! The story is narrated by Harleen Waraich, an MBBS Intern at MMDU, Mullana under the Learning Radio-Literary Podcasts Mission. This story re-affirms our belief in the "FAITH" which has always been the driving force of life in this part of the world. Efforts are by Students. Music: Bhai Amarjeet Singh Ji & Vikas Relhan VK

Friday Apr 05, 2019

Apna Radio aka Our Radio is just a random shot to the galaxy of professional Podcasters and we are sure to grab a few shining stars with this out-of-the-way thing. The show was recorded without a given script and the surprised-but-smart people participated with a happy heart. The participating students are from MMDU, Mullana, Ambala & the show is conceptualised & hosted by Parveen Kumar. Join us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeacherParv

Tuesday Apr 02, 2019

The blessings of mechanized farming as opposed to the uncertainties of traditional methods of ploughing the land is the theme of 'Two red Roosters'. In the process, superstitious beliefs and practices of our villagers stand exposed. Writer: Manohar Malgonkar Voice: Shashank (BPT-First Year, MMIPR) Book: A Choice of Short Stories, edited by Shakti Batra and P.S. Sidhu  Join us at www.twitter.com/TeacherParv 

Tuesday Apr 02, 2019

The Nose Jewel is a fable translated from the Tamil. The prescription, urging wives to implicitly obey their husbands to avoid the risk of disharmony, is not likely to be endorsed by the present day feminists. This book is prescribed at the Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed to be University, Mullana, Ambala (INDIA) to the graduating students. : A Choice of Short Stories, edited by Shakti Batra and P.S. Sidhu  Join us at www.twitter.com/TeacherParv 

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